Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moving Day

I’m trying to write a quick post since it has been so long since I have written and tomorrow I’ll lose internet service through the weekend. Today is moving day, except that the moving company didn’t show up. “Things happen,” they told me. Meanwhile, before we realized that they weren’t coming, I ran around the house gathering our bedding, clothes and toiletries to take to the new house. Luke followed me around all the while, deciding that this would be a good time for a mother/son heart-to-heart.

“Do the vagina and penis really mesh together during the special hug?” he asked. “Really?”

“Yes, Luke,” I answered, distractedly.

“The penis goes in that little hole?” he asked, incredulous.

“The vagina is stretchy. Remember, babies come out of there.”

Then Luke pretended to faint on the floor, and then he ran to ask Craig the same series of questions. I have to say, I do recommend talking about sex while highly distracted. It relieves some of the pressure, I think.

While the moving company has been a real pain, my friends and neighbors have been lovely during the move. The boys and I escaped the chaos of our house at a friend’s house yesterday. We invited ourselves over, lounged around her yard and ate her food. This morning I called another friend and asked if she could take Luke for a few hours. She swung by literally 10 minutes later and picked him up, where he played happily for hours. One neighbor made us dinner last night and another is having pizza delivered to our new home tonight.

And thank goodness, this all has been much easier because I’m pretty much feeling great these days.

The moving company is coming in the morning. Or so they say.