Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Three Months This Time

I'm going for a no-posting record.  I have thought about closing up shop, seeing as I'm not exactly a writing machine these days, but my two fans are demanding a post.

What can I say?  Life is pretty busy.  Henry kept active all spring with soccer and gymnastics.  Luke isn't one for organized sports/activities, but he does want to hang out with friends all. the. time.  He is a social guy.  Silas demands his weekly story time and preschool playtime at the local rec center.  And have I mentioned that I'm now teaching four Zumba classes a week?  Life is full.  And good.

Henry had a wild birthday party with a lot of little boys.  They screamed and jumped around.

Summer has been slower in some ways, but with the three kids home all the time it feels busy in a different way.  We joined the pool and go there a few times a week.  Henry did a week-long basketball camp.  Luke is taking guitar lessons.  We are going on a vacation/family reunion for ten days or so.  Luke will be going to summer day camp with one overnight in August.

As much as I have my moments of frustration--mostly with the fighting between children and the messy house--I realize that these are the glory days with our kids.  They all play together.  None of them hate us yet or roll their eyes at spending time with us.

We went to Highbanks last week and Craig and I sat in the shade on a log with our feet in the river while the three boys played in the water together, happily, for over an hour.  The wind blew through the trees, sunlight filtering down onto those three messy heads of hair, and I had one of those moments where I realized just how great I've got it.

It's a lot great.