Sunday, March 04, 2007

Oedipal, Only More So

This morning Luke wanted to play Spiderman, as he does most mornings. Usually I am Aunt May who is just discovering Spiderman in Peter's room. This morning, Luke wanted to change it up. He decided that he would, as usual, be our hero Spiderman, Henry would be Doctor Octopus (otherwise known as "Doc Oc"), and I would be Mary Jane.

"You are falling in love with Doc Oc and you want to marry him, okay?" Luke commanded. "And then I convince you to marry me instead, okay?"

"Well, okay," I agreed, not quite feeling comfortable with this break-engagement-to-one-son-to-marry-another scenario, but too tired to argue.

"Okay, now tell Doc Oc you love him!" instructed Luke.

"Doc Oc, I love you," I dutifully told Henry.

At this point, Henry decided it was a good time to nurse and, being nearly two years old, he helped himself.

"Now tell him you want to marry him!" yelled Luke, escalating in his enthusiasm.

Feeling uncomfortable, I told my nursing son Henry that I wanted to marry him.

"You can't do that!" Spiderman-Luke informed me. "He does bad things!"



Jenny said...

Oh Ser,

This is so funny! Thanks for your comment, too. That blog post was the ONLY thing I've accomplished all day . . .and it was a delight to get some feedback just moments after posting it.

So good to stay in my PJ's, though 'till noon. I have been so drained lately.


P.S. Stay tuned for some videos of Natalie. I'm waiting on Fr. John to "optimize" them so they can go on Blogger.

Jenny said...

Hey you,

We're linked now.


Dove Knits said...

I'm dying here.

Lucy said...

This is so funny, I literally have tears in my eyes. "Doc Oc, I love you!"

Miss Mara said...

So, I am just discovering some of your older blogs.
I cannot believe how funny my nephews are. I wish I were there for this whole "Doc Oc" scenario.
Oh, sigh...
even though it did sound quite uncomfortable.
Remember when Luke tried to nurse from me? Yeah...not my fondest memory.