Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Half Full, or Half Empty?

We are always struggling with how to deal with Luke's misbehavior. Lately, we have been working on being as positive as possible with him, as this seems to help him the most. So today, after he and Henry got in a punching match--and after I separated them and time-outed them and lectured them sufficiently--I sat them both down and told them that they are both very special. Each of them, I said, was made especially by God for our family. But, I threw in, they are each very different.

"Yes," said Luke. "I see the house half full, and Henry sees the house half empty."

And you know, I think I always thought of Luke as a half empty kind of guy, prone to moodiness and self-doubt, flying into rages at the smallest of setbacks. But I'm glad to know he thinks otherwise. And, in true, grandiose Luke fashion, his metaphor for life isn't just a glass. It's a house.


positivechaos said...

Oh how cute is Luke. I love this story:)
what a smart guy you have:)
keep sharing these great stories!
Love in christ,

Lucy said...

He might be thinking "our house is so crowded with Henry in it... half-full doesn't even cut it."

Ser said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Juliana.

And thanks for the laugh, Lucy. You are probably right, although I am trying to see the Luke glass half full.

Julia said...

Hi Ser-- I know I just saw you in person (hooray!) but since the topic of blogs didn't really come up, I just wanted to say that ALL your stories here lately have been cracking me up. You will be so glad one day to have this record of the funny things your kids say and do.