Saturday, May 26, 2007

Spiritual Rewards

Today Luke was being nasty--truth be told, I don't even remember what he was doing, being that this was a day that started with Luke peeing in the trash can and ended with Luke punching our guests' little boy in the stomach--and he asked me if God can hear everything.

"Yes, Luke, God hears everything."

"Does he even hear when I whisper this quietly?" Luke asked, and then whispered something so softly that I couldn't hear him.

"Yes, Luke, He hears you all the time, even when you are just thinking," I answered.

Luke looked worried, so I went on. "God doesn't get mad at us, though. He just feels sad when we do bad things because we grow further away from Him. But God is happy when we are good because every time we do something good we grow closer and closer to Him."

"So is our house moving up a little each time I do something good?" Luke asked, "Or does God come a little closer to the ground?"

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Jenny said...

This is beautiful!