Friday, March 14, 2008

Learning to Bike

Luke just learned to ride a bike without training wheels over the last few days. He is hugely excited and proud. Yesterday, after he had successfully ridden around our court for about five minutes without stopping, I said, “Luke, why don’t you stop while you are doing so great? You can end in victory!”

Earlier in the practice session, Luke had crashed and the handlebars had left a nasty bruise on his cheek. Predictably, Luke had not handled the pain well. I was hoping—for his sake, my sake, and the sake of the neighbors—that he wouldn’t crash again.

“No mom!” he yelled, expressing, I believe, his whole life philosophy in this one phrase: “I’ll ride until I crash!”


so yung said...

I can't believe how grown-up he looks in this photo! Now that he knows how to ride, I wonder if crashing won't be as awful (since it's not an indicator of failure?) and bet it will not be long before he starts crashing on purpose! Troy used to love to crash on purpose - said it was fun. Crazy boys!

How exciting to watch him gain skills. Wish I were there! Give him a big hug from me and a lick on the cheek.

Nancy said...

Oh, that *is* so, so Luke! Sometimes when I tell Emily something is dangerous, she tells me she won't have an accident, and I remind her that no one ever *plans* to have an accident. I don't think she hears me.

Hazel has just figured out the brake on the scooter - a bit advancement - and I'm hoping she will be biking soon. I have places I want to go!

Do you want Hazel's old back-of-bike seat for Henry? I just took the rack off yesterday, so it is ready to go to a new home...

Beck said...

He's such a brave guy! Look how big he is on his bike!