Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do We Look Alike?

Okay, here's a random blog post, and I actually do hope to write something about my amazing little sister some day, but until then, I just have a question: Do we look that much alike?

All her life, my sister--ten years younger than me--has been told she looks SO MUCH like me. People in the small community where we grew up are always accidentally calling her Ser. It has alway bugged her, but whenever we are out together and people tell us we look alike (or even, on occassion, ask us if we are twins!!!) I feel hugely flattered. Because I'm getting old and she's not.

But I have a theory that it is more related to mannerisms and striking family resemblance than anything. And also, we used to wear similar glasses.

So what do you think?


Beck said...

Throw on some glasses and you guys would look JUST like twins!

so yung said...

First, let me point out that you look BEAUTIFUL in this picture. You're rocking those bangs! Love the swoopie bangs.

I think the similar (similar maybe putting it mildly) skin tone/coloring and hair along with the similarity in the eye shape and full lips is pretty striking. And you both smile easily and readily. That's a lot of features in common. So yes, I can see how people think you look alike, but to call you twins?! or to confuse you when you're apart? You two don't look that much alike. Your noses, foreheads, teeth, and if I recall, eyebrow shape are too different. The final clincher? As you've pointed out, she's a nubile young thing and you're approaching crone. I mean, my goodness, you look like you're at least old enough to be pregnant without strangers feeling a little sad for your teen pregnancy.

But maybe that I'm breaking it down this much just goes to show how much, at first glance, you two do resemble one another. But as sisters, not twins.

I can't recall ... did I scream out in amazement how twin-like you are when I met Mara and perhaps insisted that you actually were twins just playing your twin mind-games with me?

Mara said...

This is directed at So Yung, but...when the heck are YOU going to start a blog? I am always laughing out loud when reading your comments. I think you are just as obsessed with justanothermamablog as I am. That's pretty obsessed.

Ser- it doesn't bother me that people think we look alike because I think you are beautiful. You know, though? My smile turns down at the corners and yours up.

Love ya sister!

Molly Sabourin said...

I love the look of your new blog, Ser! Now it will be even more fun to read. I agree with the comments above - you most certainly DO resemble each other and you're both beautiful.

so yung said...

Ser, you're blog is turning into a little community!

Mara, blogging takes way too much effort - as you should well know Miss-last-and-only-posting-in-May!

You are both beautiful and your parents must be proud of you both!

One more sentence with an exclamation point and I'm finished!

alaskapeter said...

You're much prettier, Ser. ;-)

Dove Knits said...

LEt's put it this way: after Henry was born and Mara came to visit, I knew right away she was your sister, but didn't think for a minute she was you.

Dove Knits said...

Oh, but I couldn't tell if she was the younger or older sister!

Anonymous said...

Are you guys even related?

- Jason