Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Is In the Air

Henry had two little girls from his preschool, E and C, over for a play date on Wednesday. About a month ago, Henry began talking about E a lot. Then, a week ago, he started begging to invite her and her best friend over “for a sleepover.” He was quite emphatic.

“I want to have E and C over for a sleepover!” he moaned while rolling around on the floor. This went on for a long, long time, with my position being that he is far too young for a sleepover, especially with two girls that he has never even had over to our house.

“If E and C come over,” added Luke, ever so helpfully, “They can sleep in bed with us.” Luke and Henry share a double bed.

Oh my. I can’t help but think that this has something to do with the fact that E and C are darling and blond.

Finally, we compromised. We arranged an after school play date, which Henry anticipated all weekend. Every morning, he woke up asking, “Is today the day that E and C are coming over?” While whining about not wanting to go to bed, he stopped for a moment to ask, “Do you think E and C don’t want to go to bed right now?” And while constipated, he added, “Maybe E and C’s poop also won’t come out.”

My Henry. Always thinking of others.

Both boys seem to be entering a new era: The Era of Love. While E and C were over, Henry stood up at the table to make an announcement:

“E and C? You are my gowlfriends,” he said, with his funny mispronunciation.

And Luke? He has a new girlfriend every day, according to his accounts. Right now it is O. But she doesn’t know it.

They come by all of this naturally. Craig, in grade school, stole a deer figurine from his parents and gave it to his sweetheart, along with a note that read, “A deer for my dear.” No wonder he went on to score so highly on the verbal section of his SAT. Voluntary homonym usage at such a young age!

After Luke tired of playing with the little kids, I took him upstairs to settle him into another activity. When I came down, I heard Henry saying, “Let’s play lovebug. Chase me and if you catch me, you have to give me a kissy kiss.”

And this morning, I overheard Henry saying to Luke, “I have bad news, Luke. We didn’t get to play lovebug in school yesterday.”

“Too bad,” said Luke.

Oh my. I don’t think I’ll be inviting the girls over for a sleepover any time soon.


Anonymous said...

This is too, too cute! I can't wait to see you all in April. Love, love, love, love,love, Mom, Grandma Jane

Aurelia said...

Quite honestly I'm impressed that boys are thinking of 'love' at such a young age.

Jenny said...

Oh so funny! I somehow especially love Craig's "a deer for my dear." That's so nice that your boys are willing to share their bed, too....

Beck said...

My Boy is quite the romantic, too. It's equal amounts worrisome and terrifying.

Nancy said...

This is so funny. I can absolutely picture H. saying these things. I love how well you capture their language...and their love lives.

so yung wilson said...
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so yung wilson said...

I love reading your stories ... and this last blog is a perfect example of why.

It's nice to watch it from this angle too: all of the fun and none of the anxiety or trying to convince myself that there's nothing to be anxious about. Because there's nothing to be anxious about ... it's so innocent now. But probably good not to have sleepovers; or any unsupervised closet time.

That Craig - such a romantic. Deers and tequila. He knows.

so yung wilson said...

p.s. i think we owe you some tequila ... i'm so ashamed that we gulped all of your present down. okay, okay ... I'm trying to be ashamed.

Ser said...

Oh my goodness, So Yung, you guys saved me from myself. Besides, I'm pretty sure we have gulped our fair share of adult beverages at your house.

I love writing the blog for the very reason that you like reading it. I can look at my experiences with the boys from a calmer perspective--I can filter out some of the anxiety in favor of the funny.

Anonymous said...

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