Friday, March 27, 2009

Update For So Yung

Luke said he had a fine day yesterday. No time in the corner. He didn't get in any trouble because he was on extra good behavior. Mrs. Fair even forgot to keep him from recess.

"But someone did have to go stand out in the hall between a bookcase and the wall for talking," said Luke.

Hmm. Luke might be misunderstanding something, but I do think I should shoot his teacher an email.

"So you adapted?" I asked.

"Yes," he said, obviously proud of himself.

"Do you remember what adapt means?" I asked.

"It means, umm, getting to know what people are like," he replied.

Something like that.


so yung wilson said...

Good job Luke!

I like his definition of adapt. It reminds me of some conversations Troy and I have been having about budding relationships. He keeps reminding me that I can either accept people for where they are or I can cut them off (which I tend to do). In other words, I can get to know what people are like and adapt.

Thanks for the update!

Nancy said...

I am amused at Mrs. Fair forgetting to keep him in for recess. Emily's teacher, Mrs. Buxom (not her real name) has numerous times forgotten to keep Emily in from recess - even when the punishment was delivered the same day. Emily has learned to adapt by lying low. :)