Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Livin' is Gettin' Easier

Despite having eaten and then vomited up a lovely Japanese birthday dinner on Monday, I am beginning to feel better. The nausea is really much better, and what is more, I’m actually cooking again. Today I went to the farmer’s market and bought fresh eggs, sausages, feta, and a huge variety of vegetables and berries. Since I got home I have made steamed chard with poached eggs, zucchini chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, and roasted beet and feta salad. Tonight will be grilled sausages and zucchini.

We close on our house on the 29th and move on July 10th. I’ll post pictures at some point, but since we haven’t actually closed yet, I think I will wait. I had a dream that my brother Peter visited and said, “Well, it isn’t very nice. It is too small and the light just isn’t very good.” I just kept saying, “But the yard! The yard!” Honestly, this is the least strange of my nightly adventures in dreamland. This pregnancy has been all about the vomiting and the strange and abundant dreams. I’m hoping now we are shifting into the all about exercising and eating well phase.

The boys are home from school and we have successfully transitioned into a summertime routine. I have made a new chore chart involving more housework and reading/writing/math practice for Luke and Henry. It takes about one hour each morning for them to complete their jobs, and they seem to finally be adjusting to the horror of having to work for a whole hour each day. A whole hour of work before they can play for the next 11 hours! I am a mean, mean mom. Besides treating them like my personal servants, I have been taking them swimming and to parks and to make candles at the local candle shop. This is a hard life we lead.


Tracy McPherson said...

I sometimes feel bad that I lead this life - do you think other people have it this good? Or are we the only ones who are truly blessed?

Anonymous said...

So good to teach them chores. Makes them feel like an important part of the family. Plus, it REALLY becomes a help when they get big enough to really help. Sounds like summer is off to a great start. Love, Mom

so yung wilson said...

Wonder what in the world your dream can mean ... I heard/read somewhere that everyone in our dreams are really us.

Wish we could be there to help you move in, set-up, babysit or what-have-you.

Beck said...

I laughed at your poor hard-done by children. HAHA.

Pregnancy dreams are THE weirdest. They're so intense and so STRANGE, aren't they?

Nancy Gift said...

You are making me very hungry. And what's more, I want to come back in my next life as your kid. :)

eva said...

No pressure or anything, but I keep checking for new posts and there are none and I am missing your blog!!! Come back! I hope you're not still nauseous!