Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I need my tech support team (Craig) to help me with my new header. For now, just envision that the description of my blog is "One boy, one arm, and a beautiful landscape." That beautiful landscape is Alaska. Our trip was wonderful, even though Craig was sick for half of the trip. We didn't do a whole lot while we were up there, but we had a great trip nonetheless. We went on several small hikes, ate at our favorite restaurants, saw some movies, and just relaxed.

I don't usually miss Alaska too much, but once I get up there, I feel peaceful in a a way that I never quite do anywhere else. The fresh smell, the mountains, the dense and wild forests with scraggly trees and lush moss. My body knows it is home.

Of course, we only visit in the summer anymore. When I get homesick I just remember the nine months of snow and the darkness. I just picture driving everywhere I need to go. I just think of the swarms of mosquitoes that make the forests nearly impenetrable at certain times of the year. I look out at my huge garden full of tomatoes and I appreciate Ohio a little bit more. I walk to our farmer's market and to the pub and feel home here, too.


Anonymous said...

I fell in love with your home state during our short time there. I've begged Troy to look for a job up there, but then he reminds me of the 6 months of dark. Oh yeah. That.

I'd love to have another vacation up there though. A nice, long, 3 month summer vacation.

A. Monk said...

Does this mean no "Ser Jackson's Alaska" anytime soon on cable? Too bad, b/c "Sarah Palin's Alaska" sucks.