Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where am I? What day is it?

Um, I don't really know how a week has gone by. I have no great explanation for how I blinked and the last time I posted was a week ago. Craig was home from work, as it was spring break at the university where he teaches. I went to a lot of zumba classes in celebration of the fact that I could leave Silas at home sleeping. Speaking of Silas, he has a cold and is getting molars. He is perhaps the screamiest baby I have had yet, especially with the added discomfort of illness and teething. He basically wants me to sit on the floor with him all day, or to hold him while letting him climb onto the counter, play with the phone, and sit on the microwave all at once. Or he wants to watch elmo videos on youtube. If he doesn't get these things, he holds onto my legs and screams. While pushing his head through my legs. And sometims biting the backs of my thighs. Oh, it's good times around here.


Anonymous said...

Boy, does he look like Luke in this picture! Hang in there. They'll be grown before you turn around. Love, Mom

AKmamaOf6 said...

Haha! Fun times. Sus yells at me if I'm watching a video on the computer, she want the "horsey one" wich is the Roy Rogers, Oh Susanna song. I linked to your blog today when I posted some Indian food I made this weekend including some Aloo Mattar of yours that's in the St. John's cookbook. YUM!