Saturday, November 05, 2011

Mom Evans

Henry loves breakfast. This makes me super happy, because I love breakfast, too. Craig, however, doesn't eat breakfast at all, and Luke eats it reluctantly. Neither like breakfast foods, and the thought of breakfast for dinner disgusts them. But Henry. Oh, Henry. I am revisiting my love affair with breakfast with Henry, making pancakes, dutch babies, omelettes, waffles, poached eggs. We had a six day long pumpkin pancake run. I needed to perfect my recipe, and Henry was game. One morning that we went all out and had pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs, he said, "It is like Bob Evans! Mom Evans! And you can eat in your underwear!" High praise, indeed.

The pumpkin pancake run was about as festive as I got this Halloween, though. We usually put up decorations, but instead I made about 30 different pumpkin dishes. I seem to only have figured out how to be the cooking version of Martha Stewart. We did carve jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins that Henry grew himself. It was very exciting. True to form, Luke wanted to buy his pumpkin at the store. "Store bought things are just better!" he proclaimed. So Luke's pumpkin (the roundest one in the picture above) was from the store. I couldn't spoil his Halloween, after all.

This Halloween was so much fun, and I realized that I finally hit that perfect phase where Silas is getting very excited about all the "big kid" activities--he loved trick-or-treating this year--and Luke is still young enough that he enjoys many "kid" activities. We don't have many of these years left, so I am trying to really take the time to enjoy them. Both Luke and Henry are at the same school and we walk nearly every morning, and they both still hang on me, one on either side, and chatter away--yes, it is often about video games or pro wrestling, but I'm taking what I can get.

Here at Mom Evans, we'll serve you in your underwear, so long as we get to eat breakfast together.


Karyn said...

She blogs!! I love this post. Your boys have such colorful personalities...and are sure to have wonderful, warm memories of being little with Mom Evans. :)

so yung wilson said...

Yea! New blog!

I want to eat breakfast in my underwear with you all! (Granted, I'll have other clothes over my underwear so that we can all eat with non-queasy stomachs.)

Love this story, love that the boys are still hanging on ... it's kind of like you're in the sweet light!

Tell the boys the pumpkins look great. Home grown and store bought - they all have their charms, don't they?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what kind of mask Luke is wearing, but, man, it looks scary! All the best to the 5 of you, Anne from Vienna (I should manage to write an actual e-mail to you before the year is over!).

Mara said...

This is hilarious. Basically, I die laughing when you quote my nephews. Shoot.

Oh, and I think I am a size 7 on my ring finger. Is my future husband I still have yet to meet already planning a romantic proposal? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

The Jack o lanterns are great! Luke and Henry look pretty scary and Silas just looks kissable. I wish I were there to hang out and eat pumpkin things with you and Henry, take Luke to the store to buy cool store bought things and kiss Silas.
I have a really good recipe for turkey pumpkin chili if you'd like it. Knowing you, Martha Stewart, you probably already have one! :)
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Here's a dumb question: Who is Bob Evan?

Anonymous said...

I have another question: What's inside the jack-o-lanterns?

Ser said...

Karyn and Anne, I'm so glad you comment now and then so I feel like we are keeping in touch! I'm so horrible at it otherwise.

So Yung, Mara, Mom--you are my ever loyal readers.

Bob Evans is a chain restaurant that Henry thinks is great.

The jack-o-lanterns have burned out candles in them leftover from Halloween night.