Thursday, December 06, 2012

Snakey the Rootbeer and His Magical Miniature Ice Cream Cart

I'm back, and I'm going to try to keep up with the blog a little more.  Poor Silas deserves that, right?  I mean, the kid doesn't even have a baby book.  He should get a few blog posts at least.

Silas is an incredibly creative guy.  He's always crafting and drawing.  Like, constantly.  He insisted on writing his own letter to Santa.  I couldn't touch the thing, and Henry told me that it would be okay since Santa is magical and could read Silas's writing, even though we can't.  Here's what Silas told us the letter said:

Dear Santa,

I would like a jack in the box.  Also, two dragons from Target.  I also want a new scooter because mine is almost broken.  Ho, ho, ho!

From Silas David Jens Jackson

Silas has imaginary friends.  Lots of them.  Neither Luke nor Henry ever had imaginary friends, so this is new for me.  For a long time Silas had a baby named Billy the Builder.  Now he has a lot of friends.  Snakey the Rootbeer, Billy the Backpack, Rootbeer the Snake.  He pushes them in the swings and puts them in his pocket.

Silas also says totally bizarre things out of the blue.  Sometimes they make no sense whatsoever, but sometimes they are really funny.  The kid has a great sense of humor.

"I wish I had an ice cream truck," he said the other night.

"Oh yeah?  That would be fun," I answered.

"An ice cream truck in MY BUTT!" he went on.

"In your butt?" I asked.

"Yes!  Then I could poop out ice cream!"

Future sitcom writer?  Stand up comedian?  Avant Garde art installation maker?  The world is your oyster, kid.


Anonymous said...

ser, good to have you post again. hopefully we can come visit those grandsons(and youse 2) this year.
love, dad

A M B E R said...

Hurrah! You are blogging again. I will read whatever you post, if that adds a little tiny bit of motivation.
Keep it up!

so yung wilson said...

HILARIOUS! And in this pic, he looks like Luke ... with a slight Henry tint.