Saturday, February 23, 2008

February Days

I have hit a bit of a writer's block. Here's why, I think. First of all, Jenny and Julia, among others, have been writing such succinct, themed, lovely posts, and my mind just feels mushy. Well, actually, that is a bit wrong. I have several quite lovely pieces that I have written, but I feel that I can't post them for various reasons.

Also, I have been editing that piece that will appear in Literary Mama this summer, and that has been wearing me out. I don't know about this whole publishing thing.

And, too, there is the fact that I have been cooped up in the house with the boys because of bad weather. It is a February thing, I guess. I met January determined to get outside, face the nastiness--and I also had that trip to Seattle to look forward to--and now February just drags on and on, with snow and cold, cold wind and freezing rain. I feel trapped in a repetitive cycle of sibling squabbles, piles of laundry, and pools of melted snow. And somehow, all this indoor time does not equal more writing. Not at all.


Beck said...

Yeah, me too. I am SO sick of winter. I'm just grim right now.

Nancy said...

I can handle snow - but wind, mushy ground, and freezing rain will keep me grounded too.

I don't really care what you write about! Just glad you're writing - completely selfish on my part, and hopefully yours, too! :)

Lynn said...

As the cranky old man gleefully said to the bridge-party ladies admiring the autumn leaves in N.H.: "Grey, grey, it will be all GREY..." Chicago, too, is very dreary. I have actually started taking Vitamin D (the hubby says it's good to prevent diabetes, too) on top of my regularly scheduled 30 minutes with my seasonal affective disorder lamp. Sigh.

Drew figured out the groundhog's day joke. You know, that 6 weeks is the same as a month and a half. He was really disgusted when I burst his bubble by telling him that winter would certainly not end in mid-March. Maybe in Pennsylvania, but not here.

Oh a positive note, I am inspired to use kitchen implements as war weapons.

Ser said...

It is nice to know I am not the only one who is SICK and TIRED of winter. I always feel like I should be more robust, since I am from Alaska and all.

Lynn, it is so nice to hear from you! I love our kids exchanging letters, but it is fun to get the non-poop version of your life, too. I'll try the vitamin D.

marji said...

As you know from my paucity of blog output, I, too, have been feeling angst about posting. But your feedback brings me away from teetering on the edge of what? Fear? Hope? Excitment? Mostly just a connection to you, a feeling that I'm not alone. But then I look at those knock-out cookies and think I do have my work cut out for me!
Write on!

Julia said...

Oh my goodness. Please don't let ME deter you. I am the most unambitious writer/person I know. I have no artist's guts, but I do hope to acquire them sometime in the future (always the future).

The only thing good about February is that it's shorter than other months. I have also heard good things about vitamin D during winter. Maybe I will try it too. I bought a pilates DVD yesterday too. We'll see what happens.

so yung said...

Better than Vitamin D ... Asheville NC! We have sun! and warmth! and Mountains! Please won't you all consider moving to a brighter spot in the world? Or at least visiting again soon? (I'm starting to wish that I didn't oppose the lottery ... I would start an intentional community and force you all to live near me. Whaaa-ha-ha.)

It is amazing what a non-dreary- non-constant-overcast sky can do for one's spirits. The sun - hasn't it been called a perfect representation of Christ? After years of Ohio winters, I am appreciative and grateful for the sun this winter.

alaskapeter said...

Sweet shirt!

-Uncle Peter