Saturday, February 23, 2008

Other February Happenings

The boys defy gender stereotypes by playing with their toy kitchen.

We admire the cool shirt Uncle Peter bought for Luke, which he inexplicably found at an open-air market in Camaroon. (This says, "Luke is his best friend." Peter did not have this specially made, and it was the only one there.)

Luke celebrates his half birthday with homemade spiderman cookies (and a few flowers.)

A tree falls on our car!


Nancy said...

The kitchen play reminds me of the girls playing with cars: mommy car, daddy car, sister car, and baby car.

Is that gorgeous biodiesel car OK?

so yung said...

I'm so happy to see another post! The shirt is so cute - Peter's a great uncle!

btw - went to our 3rd social gathering while here in NC. It was a spring is almost here party w/children in abundance. One of the mom's had a newborn and was breast-feeding w/out shyness (or making a scene of it either). Reminded me of you and yours ... I miss you guys!

Beck said...

Ack! Your poor car!
Awesome half birthday cookies - and I LOVE that shirt - how funny!