Thursday, July 17, 2008

Music to a Mama's Ears

Henry just came up to me while I was watching some videos on Youtube and said, "Come on! Turn that off and let's read some of our awesome library books!"


alaskapeter said...

That's my nephew!! I think I'll take his advice, get off the computer, and read some awesome books!!

so yung wilson said...

I'm only cool with this if you were watching something other than SYTYCD or Bret/Jemaine.

I adore Henry. He's awesome just like his library books.

so yung wilson said...

Umm, Ser, since there is that nice little column "Blogs I read", we, your obsessive audience, can tell that you are on-line and not completely engulfed in Alaskan Activities. Please give us something! Okay, by us, I mean me, and by something, I mean anything ... a picture, 2 sentences about how much fun the boys are having or how much you miss being "the daughter" but not really or about how little you've seen Craig this trip or how much you really wish you could move back to Alaska NOW even though that means bidding a fond farewell to Officer Fox, et al.

Sincerely, your fan who really needs some kind of update even though You Are in Alaska for a While More.

p.s. who's turning your car around while ya'll are out-of-town?

Ser said...

Actually, Ms. Stalker, the "blogs I read" updates the blogs as their writers write them, not as I read them. However, since I just discovered that my inlaws have wireless--YAY!!!--I hope to resume blogging semi-regularly.

No one is turning our car. We are taking our chances with Officer Fox.

I actually love that you check my blog so often, So Yung.

Fr. Christian Mathis said...


Anonymous said...

Well, the problem with Fr. Christian Mathis is his unfortunate lack of direction in life. At heart, he is an outrageously selfish person who deplores hard work, commitment, or sacrifice of any kind. This sadly results in a personality geared towards a prickish, immature, conceited, and rude manner of interacting with others.

Indeed, he once boasted on his blog that, because he's a priest, he is not like other people who have to "work, produce or sell things" to make a living and that he "enjoys a freedom others can only dream about." Such a revolting description of the priestly life is unbecoming anyone claiming to be a servant of Christ. Yet, the priesthood can be quite demanding and does involve a great deal of work, commitment and sacrifice.

Therefore, one may safely conclude in poor Mathis' case that when this realization sets in, he will move on to an easier life and a new social support system. Likely, he will marry someone with a good salary, then seek out a low paying academic career which allows him to lord his title and degrees over others while doing as little as possible.