Friday, July 11, 2008

You Aren't In Alaska Anymore

To follow up on my last post, Craig spoke to Officer Fox on the phone this morning to clarify just what constitutes a "junk vehicle." Basically, our cars are fine so long as they have valid tags from some state and they move now and then. So since our Mercedes isn't insured and we don't intend to use it for transportation until we move or diesel prices go down, we are unders strict instructions to "turn the vehicle around in the driveway once per week" so the neighbors will know that the car runs. Officer Fox is going to be driving by our place later today to make sure the car is pointing out toward the street.

And, trying to be extra, extra helpful, Officer Fox said we might also want to check our valves now and then. You know, before we take the kids to the movies. Oh, and he said, "You aren't in Alaska anymore. You are in Worthington."

Just so we are clear.


so yung wilson said...

Officer Fox. I'll have to keep in my thoughts wishing him goodness and kindness and all that. I am imagining that he stands very, very straight.

Worthington ... who knew it would be more Mommie Dearest than Mayberry? Not me.

alaskapeter said...

This is hilarious. I like how Officer Fox contrasted Worthington with Alaska, as if Worthington is a state of its own.

Nancy said...

I think next time you see him you should give him a caribou steak. Just so he feels some regret that HE isn't is Alaska.

Actually, he sounds fairly reasonable, in a tired, bureaucratic, anal retentive kind of way. Much more so than your neighbor, anyway.

Jenny said...

Oh Ser,

This just gets better and better! I totally know how you feel though, ever since my kids were banished from the yard here because they were "terrorizing the entire complex." You reminded me how hard it is to live with the feeling that some neighbor has been looking at you askance. For me, the question here has been, is it everyone?

Lhamo Osel said...

You know what it REALLY is, don't you? They found out about your HYDE PARK connection. Damn Obama supporters....

When we lived in Bawston, we had very liberal friends who lived in Charlestown, an extremely conservative proud-to-be-ignorant blue collar town which was rapidly being gentrified. The local bar actually sold a bumpersticker which read "F*ckin Liberals." Except the * was replaced by the appropriate letter. And you had to say in a serious Bawston accent "libewals" since you can't pronounce your Rs if you're from Chaaastowun.

Somebody elected Bush, you know. Four times.

Ser said...

I hope I didn't portray Worthington too badly. It really is a pretty cool town--huge farmer's market, support of local business, great recycling program. And I see a lot of Obama signs up on (beautifully maintained) lawns.

But it is true that one incident can change your perception, and this whole thing did. I feel a little more "watched" now, and definitely more self conscious about our cars and yard.