Monday, September 22, 2008

In the Wake

Ever since the big storm, my kids like to walk around the neighborhood and take note of what they call “the destruction.”

“More destruction!” Henry will yell, although a week and a day after the storm, they are becoming more and more oblivious to the piles of tree limbs and branches stacked on the edges of nearly every yard. The city assures us that their two wood chipping trucks are slowly but surely making their way around our town.

The electric company gradually restored power throughout the city. Ours came back on Thursday night. My friend Stacy’s was finally reinstated on Saturday morning.

Luke set off to take some pictures of the destruction one evening and wound up with a few good ones—featured above—of the mess in our yard. He asked me to post them on my blog, so here they are.

As far as I’m concerned, the main problem with all of this was the disruption of our schedule. Yes, I’m happy that the kids were forced to do without movies and computer games for a few days, but the cancelled school was hard for everyone involved. Luke swore that he was thrilled to have four days off in a row, but his horrible mood proved otherwise.

We can’t seem to catch a break this school year. Luke’s first week was a day and a half. His second week was a four-day week—the best so far. The third week, Luke was sick and missed three days. Then there was last week, when school was in session only on Friday. Which was most convenient, since I had to spend the whole morning in the doctor’s office with Henry, who had an ear infection. Last night, Luke woke up with a fairly high fever and he missed school today.

I’ll just consider this the wake of the storm. Things will settle down eventually, right? Right? RIGHT???


Cary Milkweed said...

It seems that Ike left more than just downed trees in its wake. I've heard of wind disturbances picking up frogs and dumping them hundreds of miles away...I think this one sucked up a bunch of pathogens and spewed them out over Central Ohio.

I hope the boys are feel better soon!

so yung wilson said...

Yikes Ike! That's a lot of missed school! No wind and little rain (sniff) from Ike. Our big excitement here in Asheville is a run on gasoline. Many of the stations are out and the ones that have some left have LONG lines.

But yea that school's back on!

paige maddex said...

Sounds like it's been a crazy month! I think you're due for some peaceful weeks ahead - I love that Luke took the pictures and wanted them posted!