Monday, April 13, 2009

A New Post, Finally

I don’t know why I haven’t had anything to say lately. We came back from our trip about ten days ago—without further vomiting fun thanks to Dramamine—and it was straight into the boys on spring break. I always find it hard to transition back into hanging out with my kids all day long when I have been away from them for a while. I mean, I missed them, and the first hour or so with them was wonderful—all hugs and cuddles and Luke telling me, “You are the best mom in the world. And you look good!”—but after that it was straight back into their usual fighting and running around and whooping like maniacs. After moping around the house for a couple of days I finally got my act together and did some fun stuff with them for spring break, which helped. We had a cookie-making contest, which was a big hit. We also hung out at the park one day and talked about “lying in bed and kissing girls.” Apparently, someone at Luke’s school was talking about this, and now Luke and Henry are fascinated by the concept. In fact, after I felt that we had exhausted the subject and suggested that we leave, Luke said, “No, let’s just sit in the sunshine and talk about this more.”

A lot of my mental energy these days is also going towards thinking about buying a house. I guess I haven’t made this announcement officially, although I have told just about everyone I know (thus, just about everyone who reads this blog) the news: Craig has a tenure track job starting this fall as a math professor at a small university in the town north of us. So now we are freaking out a little bit about buying a house. First of all, we don’t have a lot of money. But there’s the tax credit, and the amazing house prices. And then, if we do buy a house, we are considering three options: staying here, moving to the town where Craig will work, or moving to the country. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, and I have been feeling a little paralyzed by this huge decision. I think we have almost decided to stay here, but the disparity between the type of house we can afford here versus the type of house we can afford there is a little galling.

I don’t have any kind of good ending for this rambling post, but here’s something scary that happened this morning. Mara and I went to the gym and to Target, leaving Henry home with Craig. I had woken Craig and he was going to get up, and I left with Henry playing in the living room. Apparently, Craig fell back asleep and when he woke up, he couldn’t find Henry. He went outside and Henry was trying to get the garage opened so he could get his bike and “Find Mom and Aunt Mara.” Craig asked where he was planning to look, and he said at the gym, which is over a mile away and across many busy streets. I think I need to deadbolt the door when I leave next time.


Nancy Gift said...

Hang in there, Ser. My guess is that this decision will make itself in some wonderful way, when the right place shows itself to you. Even though this house isn't my dream house - we can't afford that! When decision time came, it was quite obvious this was the one.

I had *exactly* the same feeling coming back to the girls this weekend. Nice to snuggle, love them, but what happened to all that time I had for myself?

Tracy McPherson said...

My biased opinion is that you should definitely stay here but I also understand the need to be closer to where Craig works and that's the reason we didn't buy North (though we did look and you're right, the houses are cheaper). It will all work out as it always does.

(as for the last paragraph... *sigh* - I have a feeling that same thing has happened at my house though my husband would be scared to death to tell me!)

Beck said...

I think every mom has a story like that!
Ah, buying houses. I remember being just TERRIFIED when we bought ours, but it has all worked out...

Jenny said...


At least you and Craig didn't both LEAVE the house and leave a sleeping baby all by herself by accident. Now I don't know any parents who have done that, but I just bring it up because I believe it could happen, hypothetically speaking. Craig was there, just sleeping, so he would have surely heard the sirens when the police showed up with Henry in handcuffs.

And I loved the line, "Let's just stay here in the sun and talk more about this." What a create mom you are that he feels he can say that.

And finally, the house hunt. I want to say you might actually enjoy rural living. We love the quiet and the dark nights! And you could have, um, chickens. Your own eggs--so economical and fun.

I am very excited for you and Craig as you explore your options. Please post contestant houses on your blog so we can all comment! It would be so fun to share the search with you.

so yung wilson said...


You have one of ours with you right now - Trixanna! Or at least I think she's there with you all. There's only one Fr. John at an OCA mission in HA, right?

Ser - stay in the city! Or not. It's just friggin' exciting - you're first house!

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