Thursday, April 02, 2009


Have I ever mentioned on this blog a wonderful trait that I have developed over the last ten years while on airplanes? I haven’t? I can’t imagine why! You see, I have become an expert barfer while traveling by air.

I have always suffered from motion sickness in cars, on boats, in airplanes, on fair rides, but it wasn’t until one flight about ten years ago that I actually vomited. Let me tell you, there are good times to be had while barfing in a plastic bag in a confined space with lots of strangers. Big fun.

I seem to be getting better at vomiting on planes as the years progress. Until recently, it has only been on maybe one flight out of five that I have actually gotten sick, but I have recently stepped up my game.

You see, Craig and I are on a lovely getaway to Florida—the first real vacation we have taken together, ever, save visiting family and the odd night away here or there. And to start it off right, I vomited on both of our flights here. It was one big barf-o-rama.

The funny thing with vomiting on an airplane, for me, is that I will feel horrible and be barfing my guts out, and then the plane will level off and the turbulence will end, and I be just fine—elated, even. It is a little schizophrenic feeling, to tell you the truth.

In my better moments, I was thinking about all of the wonderful things about vomiting on the airplane. Yes, I’m an optimist like that. I could eat another breakfast when we landed! Another whole bonus meal! And I could write a funny blog post about it!

Of course, in my bad moments I was hunched over a plastic bag in the corner of an airplane, trying to vomit quietly and swearing that I would never, ever, ever fly again.

But here I am writing my blog post.


AmericanFamily said...

Yay for the vacation! Have you tried those motion sickness wristbands? They usually sell them in the airport. If that doesn't work, use dramamine. It really works.

Mara said...

Luke felt sick after you told him about it on the phone...

Or maybe it was just all of the junk food I have been letting him eat. I think in an 18 hour period he has eaten on large cheese pizza himself. And some bagel bites.

Party with Auntie Mara!

(I really am making them eat fruits and veggies, too, I promise. Anyways, G ma Jane is now here to regulate.)

so yung wilson said...

I have to agree w/Luke. Reading this post made me a little queasy myself.

Go Auntie Mara! I should have some kind of treat delivered but it sounds like pizza has been done to death. But maybe Luke would still like that? Post back and let me know!

Ser, I hope you and Craig are having a wonderful, bonding, romantic get-away. Or at least relaxing ... maybe Craig will have another fruity 'tini binge?!

Mara said...

Haa... well, my mom and I only have one full day left. Tonight was Old Bag of Nails and then Dairy Queen. By the last lick of the cone, I think we were all in a junk food daze. Literally. Even I had ice cream smeared on my shirt and a sugar induced, glassy stare.

Tracy McPherson said...

Ser did I ever tell you how much I love you? I do! I giggled and giggled! Once, flying to Colorado from our beloved Ohio, Ellie puked everywhere - for the whole flight (ohh, and with stops in between). It was awful and yet, not. Thanks for bringing up the memories. Glad to hear you're having a good vacation (puking or not...).

alaskapeter said...

Ahh... another story to add to the rich Lamb-puking annals. Reminds me of when I puked on the plane ride back from a Science Olympiad trip: it missed the bag and soaked my pants and the seat next to me. Quite fun...

And remember when Craig first came Christmas light gazing with our family? Dad's crazy driving made me hurl the half pound of Jo Jo's I'd eaten earlier that day all over. "Welcome to the family, Craig!" Man, the Lamb puking stories keep coming to mind. We could go on and on.

Miss you guys! Tell Craig to drink a fruit-tini or something similar for me!

Jenny said...

Oh Ser,

What a delightful post--I can just see you, wiping your hair out of your face, washing your hands, and then rubbing them together. Feeling almost ecstatic that the whole thing is over, and to boot, material for the blog!

Beck said...

You poor girl! You should remember not to ever, ever, ever go anywhere on a trip with my Boy - he's a barfer, too. We once took a trip to visit my brother, and The Boy threw up so much that he ran through EVERY. PIECE. OF. CLOTHING. we'd brought for him (including pajamas!) so when we finally got there, he was in underwear. And then The Girl threw up on my brothers shoes.
(that was a long comment, but I thought you'd like it.)

paige maddex said...

Wow - and to think - all of the time at Christ the Savior and I never knew this about you!

Hope you have a wonderful vacation - Florida sounds dreamy about now (it's ridiculously gray and cold).

By the way, I have vomited in front of my in-laws several times. Nothing quite so embarrassing as puking in front of your father-in-law. I think a little got on his pants...

Emily said...

I once was a nanny
To a girl named Franny
We went on a trip
The plane took a dip
And I puked all over poor Franny.

well, not totally true but since my whole blog is in poem form, i felt I must get poetic for you.

I once was a nanny for two girls and neither were named Franny. we were flying from Ohio to Florida and I got airsick on landing. IT was awful. The mom was shrieking at me (think Kate Gosselin)to get something and I'm trying to hold in my breakfast. My face is all read. I start puking and mom shuts up figuring out why I wasn't responding to her, the oldest girl is rubbing my back and telling me it's going to be OK and the dear old lady beside me is holding the bag for me.
Good times. Good times.

I am enjoying your blog.

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