Thursday, September 24, 2009

Liar, Liar

Henry has figured out how to lie. And he thinks it is great fun. The other day, he came up to me and said, “Mom! I thought I saw a jellybean on the floor, so I ate it. But then I found out it was a tick!”

“A tick? Like the bug?” I asked.

“No, a tick!” said Henry.

Hmm. Henry doesn’t have the same razor-sharp memory for vocabulary that Luke has, and he often has a hard time remembering the precise term he is looking for.

“Do you mean a tic tac candy?” I asked.

“No, a tick. You know, those sharp things,” said Henry.

“A thumb tack?” I asked, growing alarmed.

“Yes, and now it is poking me in the throat,” he said. I started to get concerned, but then considered the fact that, earlier in the day, he had told me that someone cut his little puppy in half. Henry doesn’t have a puppy. Oh, and the person that cut the puppy in half, reported Henry, was his (nonexistent) stepfather.

So I assume he didn’t really eat a thumb tack.

Since he has started preschool, the lying has escalated to a somewhat frantic pace. After the first day, he told me that his teachers performed a rap song during lunch. Naked.

They found a dead bird at recess. Henry got a time out for not paying attention when his line walked outside for recess (harsh!). They ate candy in class. They watched a movie with shooting in it, but only once, for a “special treat.” The first three might or might not be true. I am assuming the last is not, otherwise I would be putting in a phone call to the preschool director.

I really don’t know what to believe. And I know at Henry’s age, the fantasy vs. reality line is a thin one. I know that. But it gets a little tedious talking to him sometimes. And the thing is, he gets really mad at me if I don’t believe him. I can’t even say, “Oh, wow!” without him feeling as though I doubt his word. Which, of course, I do.

I suppose I should go outside and check on Henry now. After all, his is out there shooting porcupines. Really! He’s serious! He’s not lying!!!


Nancy Gift said...

I know that lying at age 4 is totally normal - smart kids just do that, because they've figured out that it is possible. But I'm not sure - my tack with the girls has always been to try to discourage it by making it seem that I can *always tell* it is a lie. I don't know if that means I squashed their creativity, or that I am just delusional.

But either way, I do know that both of your boys are sharp as tacks. Or ticks. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to get another blog from you. I was cracking up--can just picture Henry's face as he tells you these stories!!! Maybe he will be a writer someday,too. Thanks for the belly laugh. Love, Mom

Jenny said...

Oh my, Ser. I am totally cracking up. Love this post. Shooting, "for a special treat"! That's pretty fantastic about the teachers rapping naked, too. Another special treat, I guess...

erin said...

Ha! My 4 year old told me yesterday that at preschool they went for a walk in the woods where they saw 2 deer that were talking to each other, one of which was Rudolf with his nose glowing! They can be so entertaining!

so yung wilson said...

agree with anonymous mom ... Henry needs to start keeping a diary to record swallowing the tick, naked teachers rapping, etc.

Wish I was there for Henry to lie to me in person and so I could respond "oh WOW!" with the utmost sincerity.

My Three Sons said...

Porcupines? he should have been at our house this morning. Paul will take him hunting for those horrible creatures. It got shot so that it would not quill our dog again. thats funny how his little mind works. love the stories.

Anonymous said...

More blogs please....How is Baby Jackson doing?