Thursday, February 10, 2011


The budget/recipe posts seem to be popular--just be quiet Peter and Craig--so I'm going to keep these up a few times a week. I'm a bit late here, but I figured I would post my groceries and menus for the week. I won't bore you with listing all of what I bought, but here are a few things to note: I found a box of 56 diapers marked down to $4.99. I had to buy the kids their beloved gummi vitamins. I bought conventional chicken breasts, but I continue to stick with my local, wonderful milk from Snowville Creamery. I still buy breakfast cereal because it is quick and easy and Luke doesn't like any other breakfast foods except toast and blueberry muffins. I make most of our bread but buy tortillas and Arnold bagel thins, again because my picky Luke loves me to make pizza bagels for his lunchbox out of these. We eat a lot of produce. The total was $125.34, which is right what I aim for most weeks.

This week's meals:

Monday: make your own burritos again (we eat this a lot)

Tuesday: seared chicken breasts, homemade mac and cheese, and roasted brussel sprouts

Wednesday: baked potatoes with toppings (leftover mexican stuff plus curried greens and chickpeas)

Thursday: chicken pot pie (with leftover chicken)

Friday: homemade cheese pizza

Saturday: dal, rice, leftover curried greens or whatever else Craig wants to make

Sunday: fritatta, oven roasted potatoes


alaskapeter said...

Did I make a snide comment earlier about your food posts? I don't remember. Although I don't like them as much as your "here's-a-funny-story-about-my-crazy-kids" posts, I still read them and am impressed by both your frugality and delicious meals.

You'll be impressed by my latest strides towards eating local. I just restocked my freezer with our latest roadkill moose (a deliciously tender calf!) from which I made some all-local (besides the onion and seasoning) moose stew. I soon will start buying eggs and goat milk from Kari to start replacing my dairy purchases.


Mara said...

You never made a snide remark, she is just a people pleaser and wants you to be totally satisfied by her blog.

Ser- I LOVE your grocery posts. Particularly since I used to eat what you purchased and cooked. I was kind of a lame housemate, wasn't I? Next time I will contribute more, both financially and in labor.


so yung wilson said...

Another good post. You're really inspiring!

Kyoung-Min said...

Guess how much I paid for 4 boxes of 54 diapers (216 diapers in total) that I ordered online the other day? About 70 dollars! Consider yourself luck diaperwise!

And I agree with everyone that you're very inspiring. Someday I hope to be able to emulate your frugality and wisdom!

Kyoung-Min said...

Oops, I of course meant "lucky," not "luck." Time to go pick up my baby--I was in a hurry :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm - awesome menu! Very inspiring and I can't believe how little you need to spend to feed a family of 5! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Are the apples in one of those cool reusable produce sacks? I love those things!

Ser said...

Peter, I think you just said you didn't like my sappy posts as much as the funny ones--so I was just assuming. :) Mara, you know me so well.

Thanks for all of the props, everyone. And yes, those are the reusable produce bags. I have 10 and I LOVE them--those combined with cloth grocery bags make me very happy. I used to hate the pile of plastic after a shopping trip.