Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I made roasted chicken, potato gnocchi with marinara, and broccolli for dinner. I bought a bottle of wine. I made a homemade card. And then, in a fit of anger, I crumpled the card and threw it away. I wonder why Luke has problems with his temper? I'm glad Craig is so patient. He might not remember to bring me a valentine every year, but he is always gracious and forgiving. I would say that is a pretty good gift any time of the year.


Anonymous said...

Awww - I feel your pain! Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for making me smile and keeping things in perspective!

so yung wilson said...

I had a meltdown today (too?) ... I had to go take a "restart" nap to help clear the head.

Craig's pretty great. And so are you.

AKmamaOf6 said...

So Yung, that sounds like me. If I sleep I can usually forget most anything.

I've been there, Ser. Did I tell you I broke my own bar stool once?

Ser said...

Thanks for the sympathy/understanding, guys. I'm not a very nice wife sometimes. Naps always help, but unfortunately I almost never get them due to three boys being on very different sleep and school schedules. Next year!

so yung wilson said...

So, I'm curious about your card ... why the Heinz ketchup heart and what are the other two hearts?

Mara said...

I bought Matt a bar of chocolate and an apron, so he can remember his place in our relationship.

He brought me (store bought) lunch to work, with a heart he frantically scribbled on the bag reading, "Be Mine, 4 Eva." Then, we crashed my roommate's romantic dinner at home because the burger joint at the mall just seemed like too far of a drive.

It was our best Valentine's yet. (This does not bode well for the next 50 years.)

At least you made a homemade card, even though you crumpled it. Maybe you can tell me that story on the phone.

Ser said...

So Yung, the card was just hearts cut out of images/patterns from a magazine. Nothing significant about the ketchup bottle.

Mara, sounds like a great valentine's day to me! It is pretty much a non-event around here, but I expect Craig to do SOMETHING, you know what I mean? Like, a bar of chocolate or a card or something. I think I freaked out because no one did anything (the boys either) and I was just seeing visions of my life with all boys: nothing pretty or pink ever again.

so yung wilson said...

At least it's only Valentine's Day he neglected.

I had one friend - who has both girls and boys, mind you - who received zero presents one Christmas a few years back. Boys or girls, there's no guarantee that Mom will be remembered. Granted, the risk may be (considerably) higher with a household full of boys ;-)