Monday, August 08, 2011

4th of July Trip

This summer has flown by faster than any other. I wake up in the middle of the night breathless because I see this trend: each month goes by faster than the last. I wonder if the next time I wake up my children will be grown and gone.

We went to visit Craig's aunt and uncle for the 4th of July. They live near a pond, which was one of the highlights of the trip. The kids went swimming and fishing. We went for walks and looked for bugs. And here's a little parenting tip for you (since I know that is why you read this blog): If you have picky/finicky eaters and you want them to eat better, don't feed them snacks. Who knew? It only took me nine years to figure this one out. The kids ate most of the food set before them, some of which they refuse at home, mainly because they were so very hungry. Oh, and also because we told them we would take them to McDonalds on the drive home if they were polite at meals. A little well-played bribery never hurts. Bonus parenting tip of the day.


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so yung wilson said...

starvation & bribery ... works every time. ask any despot.

no, no! i kid, i kid. wow, i knew mcd's held sway over kids but i had no idea their power could last an entire weekend!

so yung wilson said...

oh, and the silas pouring water pic is pretty awesome. what camera?

Anonymous said...

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Mara said...

I think anonymous sounds totally legit, don't you think?

Anyways, I basically can NOT believe how grown up Luke looks! That hair! So handsome.

See... when I don't eat for a while, and then I finally do, I generally end up shoving terrible food down my throat as quickly as possible. But I guess this was a parenting tip, not a tip for how to feed yourself as an adult.

Ser said...

So Yung, the camera was just our super old digital point and shoot. I just got lucky. And the bribe of fast food didn't hold sway for the entire weekend. They lost it on the last day. But it worked for two days, and then we didn't have to eat McDonald's after all! (Insert evil laugh.)

Mara, I'm the same way if I'm super hungry, but I guess with the kids they can only eat what I set in front of them. It is all about who holds the power, baby. I need a parent to be in charge of my food, clearly.