Saturday, August 13, 2011


I'm slowly catching the blog up to my life. Clearly this space is more of a site to document my life for posterity/grandparents these days than a place to express myself artistically. But I feel it returning, that itch to think a little beyond the everyday survival. I've read more books this summer than I had in a long while, and books that have required a bit of brain power. For the first year after I have a baby it is all about magazines, Maeve Binchy, and TV shows. But I'm making progress. I've watched some movies. That is nearly two hours of my life. I've read a few books that required some thinking. I had a great conversation about books with a house guest during which I think I might have sounded sort of smart. (Courtney, ask Ryan if I sounded smart at 5:30 am over babies and toys and coffee.)

Henry turned six in June. Luke turned nine last week. Again with the time speeding by theme. I love those boys. They are both pretty much crazy and intense and lovely and themselves in every way.

P.S. Luke doesn't like shirts very much.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are back to the blog. I love the pictures. Henry got a haircut! He looks so cute--either way.

Anonymous said...

Ser, I love the turtle cake. Not sure if I could have made one that cute while Luke was here anyway. Thanks for all the pictures on the blog. The pond pictures are sooooo great! Can't wait for more blogs from you. We love them! Mom

so yung wilson said...

You have great boys - so much fun! I hope we can get together this fall.

Courtney said...

Hey Ser--Just read this and realized you were talking about us! So I asked Ryan and he said you TOTALLY sounded smart. And I'm impressed that you managed it at 5:30 while I was still snoozing. :)