Monday, November 03, 2008

Slasher Butterfly

I conducted several highly scientific experiments this weekend in pursuit of this elusive question: just what is the difference between the Snickers and the Baby Ruth? Wikipedia helpfully points out that the nougat found in the Baby Ruth is more fudge-like than that found in most American candy. So that is probably it.

I feel sort of awful today, and I was thinking that it was due to the time change, but it is probably more due to the 25 fun sized candy bars that I ate yesterday. Yes, the boys made out like bandits, what with trick-or-treating and class parties and secret happy phantoms delivering treats to our house. If you are reading this, Happy Phantom, thank you.

Henry decided, at the last minute, that he no longer wanted to dress up as Frankenstein’s monster, but instead dug around in the dress-ups bin and devised a costume that he dubbed “alien butterfly.” It was rather fetching if I could ignore the Jason mask part of his costume. (The boys bought the Jason mask for a dime at a thrift store. How could I say no when they have no idea what it is and it was only ten cents?)

I’m glad Henry still gravitates toward more “girly” things now and then, otherwise I would be simply overwhelmed by all of the masculinity floating around the house. The boys are currently preparing their fort outside, a fort designed, Luke says, for “eating, fighting war, and building contraptions.”

Luke tells me that my job will be cooking the food. I think I’ll make seven-candy stew.


so yung wilson said...

Love it! Adorable.

Oh, and could you post your recipe for the stew if it turns out well?

Nancy said...

I love how Henry is just Henry - masculine or feminine be darned, all that matters is what he likes.

Jenny said...

Oh Ser,

So funny! I love Henry's costume idea, and the mask does become him. I hear you about the Halloween candy. I have been treating myself to a Twizzler's every five minutes or so.

Please continue the experiments--all of these require several runs to be sure that you have eliminated all the variables--and do let me know what you find out!

Becky said...

It was a hockey mask before Jason was even thought of right? LOL, He looks good LOVE the alien butterfly.

Mara said...

Oh all I want to do it hug that little alien butterfly! and the ninja!