Saturday, November 08, 2008

Weekend Update

It is not even seven in the morning and I am currently enjoying a “jam magnificent.” It is the drink I have ordered, having opted for this over the “blueberry surprise” at the internet café that I am at. I took a time machine here. The café is run by pirates. Two pirates named Luke and Henry. I have obtained the secret recipe from the chefs: it is a cupful of jam with sprinkles mixed in.

Craig is out of town with the car, and the weather is cold and rainy. I think this might be a long weekend.

This is a rather strange café. The options are so very limited in some ways, and yet the chefs/owners/operators are so very accommodating in other ways. While my main entrée must involve yogurt and there are no bowls available, I have my choice of a red, blue, pink, or green cup.

Ooooh! I’ve just been given a complimentary appetizer since my entrée is taking so long. Chips with a whole cup of Sriracha hot sauce. For those of you not familiar with Sriracha, it is basically the asian version of Tabasco sauce.

Last night I slept in Luke and Henry’s room. In the middle of the night, Henry sat up in bed and started crying and crying. I kept asking him what was wrong, but he wouldn’t answer me. Finally he said something that sounded like “Forgive me!” and promptly lay back down and was immediately asleep. And a few minutes later, Luke yelled out, “Slimy!”

Oh, I’ve just been informed that the kitchen is out of the yogurt entrée. I must now choose between nachos and “yuckness.” I went with the former. Chef Pirate Luke just told me that he needs a candle so he can roast the nachos.

Nothing like candle roasted nachos with Sriracha and jam to start the day off right.


Anonymous said...

I just read this blog aloud to Dad and we are both laughing and wishing we could come with you to the internet cafe'. I would have chosen the candle roasted nachos as well. Aunt Kitty and I used to have a restaurant but our menu wasn't as creative. Our only choices were the "tea-d-jambo" or the "coffee-d-jambo". We made them by scraping the ice off of the top of the freezer into the glass (snow cone style) and then pouring coffee or tea over it all. (Kind of the old fashioned version of an iced latte)......and 40-some years later I still have that sweet, fun memory. Such simple ways to nurture those little, unbelievable imaginations. I love you, Ser.
PS: Hi Mara

so yung wilson said...

What fun! Wish you all had been able to come down too, but Craig solo was fun as well. He's very entertaining.

I love that they gave you a complimentary appetizer for having to wait. I gather they've had experience in particular area.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

Hiya! I have been here before! yahoo! Love it. It was great meeting you! xo Amy

Jenny said...


I was really thinking that the cafes in your town must be kind of hokey, at first, you know. Jam in coffee, yuck! Anyway, I am comforted to hear that this is more of the homespun variety, and that you can choose your cup color, if not your meal.