Saturday, November 15, 2008

VIPs for a Night

So on Thursday night, Craig and I got to go to the grand opening party at Martini Park courtesy of Dawn, who, thanks to her work in blog marketing and web strategizing, was asked to invite some Columbus bloggers. You can see some pictures of the evening at Pepper Paints and Doobleh-Vay. I unfortunately forgot my camera, so I only have this wonderful picture of us crashed out on the futon at the end of the night. Don’t we look hip?

I was somewhat mistaken when I said it was a trendy bar for hipsters. It is more a club for those thirty and up. But still, when I looked on the website, most of the people in the photos looked pretty hip to me: let's call them midsters. Really, Martini Park seems to be geared toward those thirty and over people that actually go out and also that pay ten dollars for a drink. We are more of the take the kids to happy hour at the local pub for the half off pints sort of folks. But my sister just arrived to stay with us for a while, so we got to leave the kids with her for the night.

I had a very busy and somewhat stressful day, and Craig and I had to go straight from Luke’s school conference to the party. I don’t know if his teacher even recognized me as Luke’s mom, since I was wearing makeup and (cheap fake leather) awesome black boots, while she usually sees me in workout clothes and a headscarf.

Driving from the school to the party, I did what all glamorous folks do: I dried out my armpits by blasting the heating vents in the car. I sometimes have a little bit of a sweating problem, especially when I’ve had a stressful day. At this point, I wasn’t feeling particularly enthusiastic about the evening.

After we got there and each had a martini, however, we both began to have a lot more fun. Craig, usually a beer and whiskey kind of guy, surprised me by ordering a pomegranate martini, which he maintains, even today while sober, was delicious. I had something called the Martini Park #10, which was fabulous. Craig also had one of those. And a cosmopolitan, at which point I knew he was getting a little tipsy. I mean, come on, a cosmo? I ran off to talk to Amy and the PR guy hosting the party for a few minutes, and by the time I got back Craig giddily informed me that he had sampled the mango martini and another cosmo.

So really, we had a great time at Martini Park. It was a different sort of evening than we would normally have. We got to have free food (also quite good) and drinks. And apparently my husband likes fruity mixed drinks. “I love that place!” he told my sister when we returned home. “I want to go back!”

Maybe I ought to take him there for a cosmo on Valentine’s Day.


Beck said...

That sounds like fun.
There's one bar in our town - it's mainly used by elderly winos. No cosmos for me. said...

I like that place too. I told my husband I want to be rich so we can drink like that while playing black jack. What a dream!

Anonymous said...

*sigh*, you guys all made me bummed that i didn't go. though i did have a quiet evening at home, which was pretty great. :)

ok, you have to get on twitter now. you're all we're missing!

p.s. please tell mara that if she ever wants to just get out for a bit and hang with another crazy family, she's welcome to come over. i had a lot of fun talking with her!

so yung wilson said...

So the bar was more Lipstick Jungle than Sex in the City ... although it sounds like Craig was channeling young Carrie.

The problem with the various bastardized "martinis" (c'mon folks, a martini is gin and vermouth. period. yes, I'm a snob.), is that they cover up their high alcohol with fruitiness and other deceptive flavors that make them go down a little too easily. Thus, Craig's cosmo and mango martini infatuation explained (everything tastes better after a few 'tinis) and his insistence that he loved the drinks even to this day. (I had a what I am sure was gawd-awful elder flower and vodka drink that I loved and still think was delicious - although I haven't had one since - while under the influence of active cocktailing ... I'm guessing it was gawd-awful because the less active party-goers made gawd-awful faces when they tasted my new found love.)

Okay, all that to say, go try the cotton candy martini at Mo Joe Lounge. But be careful. It's cotton candy goodness masks weightlifting strength. Maybe Mara could order it for him if Craig has lost touch of his innerCarrie.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ser sounds like Craig might fit in with us now on a night out. If only my brother was this wild while hanging out with his sister. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

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