Monday, December 01, 2008

My Children, Amazing and Bizarre

I write so often about Luke and his difficult temperament, breaking for funny stories of his wild antics, but I don’t usually talk about his many gifts. There are a lot that I find rather astounding—like his amazing memory or his musical ability—but right now, at this moment, I want to remember his first grade school year, and how totally average he is. This, for my oldest son, is wonderful. He is reading right where he should be, writing like a slightly above average first grader. He is extra good at math, he likes gym, he has several good friends. His teacher reports that he is a good classmate, that he doesn’t get into trouble, that he doesn’t do anything unusual in class. He rarely protests going to school.

Luke seems to be a free spirit learning to follow the rules.

Henry, on the other hand, is a rule follower who is learning to rebel. He recently has been defying our every instruction, baiting and teasing Luke to no end. I think this is all a play for power, in this family where the dynamic has so often been that Luke commands and Henry worshipfully follows.

Henry has asked Santa to bring him a remote control robot for Christmas. Except that the remote control is a universal remote. And by universal, Henry means that “it can control everyone and everything in the world.”

Can I find it at Target?


Becky said...

Um... Have you seen Click? LOL. I would love a remote like that so if you find one fill me in. I love how you describe your kids personalities.

Beck said...

It's funny, isn't it, how different kids can be in the same family? We were expecting the Baby to be like either her brother or sister, but she's turned into her own self entirely - sort of an enchanting thing, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

When you find that remote can you pick a couple up for me too? For the kids of course... not that I have control issues or anything... Power to the People Henry!

Anonymous said...

Similar there is something?