Sunday, December 21, 2008

Magical Christmas

The fast approaching Christmas interrupted my regularly scheduled blogging, I’m afraid. Every December, no matter how well I prepare, I reach a point where I freak out about getting everything purchased, wrapped, boxed, and shipped out. This happened last week for me. Oh, and also the boys and I visited the dentist (each at different times), Henry had a double ear infection and had to go to the doctor, and Craig and I had an appointment with Luke’s new psychologist (who is wonderful so far!!!). So we’ve been a bit busy. But now everything seems to be done and I’m really looking forward to Christmas. My only concern is the fact that Henry keeps asking for outrageous gifts from Santa. He gave up on the robot with a remote that controls the world, but now he wants a crocodile key chain that can turn into a real, full-sized crocodile when submerged in water. We read about it in a children’s book.

That Henry. He really doesn’t seem to have much of an understanding of the difference between reality, fantasy, and dream. A few weeks ago he woke up insisting that we used to live in a little yellow house.

“Remember, Mama? The little yellow house? With the porch? Remember?” he kept asking me over and over. I finally had to answer him in the affirmative because he wouldn’t stop with the constant badgering.

Henry also has the charming tendency to make the most bizarre statements regarding his past.

“Remember when I was a teenage girl, Mama?” he’ll ask.

Last week he was talking about the birthday party he would be attending. Henry has never gone to anything other than a family birthday party, and this one was extra special because it was Henry’s first social invitation that was his and not his and Luke’s.

Stretching out on the floor, he said, “I might take a nap at Adam’s birthday party, Mama.”

“Oh really?” I asked. “Well, usually people don’t take naps at parties.”

“Well,” he responded in a condescending voice, “When I lived in North America, before you or Daddy or Luke were born, back when I was a boy that went to high school, I went to a party and we took a nap.”

Okay then. Maybe in North America when you were a teenage girl, Santa can give you a magical crocodile key chain. It's Christmas, right? Anything could happen.


Beck said...

You know those little capsules that burst open in water and become little sponge animals? Or those teeny animals made out of who knows what that become huge things when left in water overnight? That might please Luke all to buttons. Maybe.

Ah, little kids and their stories - they're just so WEIRD!
Merry Christmas!

Lhamo Osel said...

Look, it's educational!

Have you considered that Henry has a good knowledge of his former incarnations? Some kids are supposed to be attuned to them up until about age 4. (Sorry, the Buddhist in me is bursting to come out at this season; have spent two days working on Drew's Advent Festival. He delivered his line stunningly this morning: "Baaa.")

Jenny said...

Ah Ser,

Thanks for making me laugh until tears ran down my cheeks. This helps much when one is burning the midnight oil studying the Hawaii State Drivers Manual. Would you ask Henry if I live in North America? I'm still trying to figure that out!

Cary Milkweed said...

Happy Christmas (just to be British about it)! I love the Santa and Mrs. Claus picture. I hope yesterday was fulfilling for Henry and Luke, magical croc key chains aside!

so yung wilson said...

Henry is a genius. Which is not surprising. What is surprising - and pleasing - is that there are 2 child geniuses in your family.

I can see him now being a successful scientist, creating all sorts of wild and previously unimaginable things for the world simply because they popped into his head and his insistence that they are true. I should mention that these wildly wonderful things are all very useful and beneficial. Of course, his creativity will be flow easily between both right and left hemispheres. Art and Technology will merge into one beautiful mass under his guidance.

See, he's a genius.