Thursday, January 01, 2009

I feel so behind on blogging, but I want to start the new year off without a big cloud of should-be-blogging guilt, so I’m writing but excusing myself from any expectations today.

One of my goals for 2009 is to write more in general, this space included.

What I want most to remember about the start of 2009 are the songs that my boys wrote this morning in their new blank books. They built some instruments (from cardboard) and a stage (from chairs) and formed a rock band. Henry, my fickle little three year old, wrote the following:

Oh yah Poopy
Oh yah Poopy
I don’t like you.
You are a dumb nut!

But Poopy . . . I love you.

Henry is quick to forgive and forget.

Luke remembers and holds grudges. But he has a truly poetic soul. He wrote several songs this morning, but this is my favorite:

There’s a ghost town
In the back yard of my mind
A ghost town
With goats and boats
A ghost town
In the back yard of my mind.

Somehow that seems so appropriate at this time of year when I am feeling both nostalgia and a sense of a new beginning all at once.


Becky said...

Lukes song really is poetic. How old is he? I am impressed. The poopy song on the other hand... LOL, well lets just say I can relate. :-p

Cary Milkweed said...

I know JUST what Luke is talking about! What an old soul thing to write-- wow. And Henry's made me smile. :')

Beck said...

There's a ghost town in my backyard, too! Actually, it's an old chicken coop, but Luke would probably enjoy checking it out.

so yung wilson said...

I wonder about the goats and boats?

We loved visiting w/you all over the holidays! I know it was crowded and that you were probably stressed as host (but you didn't show it - I'm imposing myself on you), but it didn't feel crowded. Only felt lovely.

I loved too that I think the boys remember us enough to have very little, if any at all, warm-up time.

If Henry hates Poopy, that might explain the whole bathroom thing. Maybe explain that it's waste festering inside and better to get it out (Troy used to hate Poopy too until I mentioned that I liked getting rid of that stuff - the sooner the better; changed his worldview of poopy forever I think).

Can you attach a sound clip or something so we can hear the rock band? Pretty please?

Oh, any news from Mara?