Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

We are all snowed in here. Of course, snowed in is relative. My sister and I made short work of shoveling the driveway while mocking the poor shoveling skills of our neighbors. It turns out that there are some advantages to getting tied onto a roof and ordered to shovel on a regular basis while growing up—it makes regular shoveling seem easy. That last sentence makes it sound like we were maltreated as children, which we were not. We just had a really awful roof that needed shoveling regularly while we were growing up in Alaska, and our dad didn’t want us to fall off. So he tied us on up there. It turns out there are advantages to having five kids, too. I don’t live in Alaska, or on a farm, so I think two kids are probably enough.

My kids weren’t much help with the shoveling. They did shovel the lawn off so they could make a big mound of snow in the middle of the yard. Then we played a little king of the mountain. I tell you, I don’t know what to do about these kinds of games. I think the best thing is to look away.

We made a list this morning of all the things we wanted to do today, this day where even Craig didn’t have to go teach. We all got to contribute to the list, and here’s what we wrote down:
Play outside (mommy and boys)
Shovel (mommy and Mara)
Play star wars with our bodies (boys and daddy)
Naptime and quiet play time (everyone)
Make peanut butter play dough (boys and mom)
Read Books (daddy and boys, mommy and boys, Mara and boys)
Play Lego Star Wars (daddy and boys)
Write (mommy)
Yoga (mommy and Mara)
Clean Room (boys and dad)
Clean T.V. room (boys and mom)
Finish homework (boys)
Bake a cake (Luke and mom)

I’m writing at the moment—I will try to work on something else after blogging—and Craig is playing Star Wars with the boys. Our list is complete! The cake is in the fridge and there is Indian food simmering on the stove.

It was a lovely snow day. But I hope school is back in session tomorrow.


so yung wilson said...

Sounds like a lovely, lovely day. Sigh. Pause. Sigh and smile.

The end.

Anonymous said...

I cracked up at the first paragraph in this blog. To anyone reading this, Ser isn't making this up. It really did happen on a regular basis. Pat was almost always up on the roof with them. And, to be honest, I think Ser only had to go up there a few times, if I remember correctly. :)
Ser, I loved this blog because it gave me such a visual of what you did with your "snow day". I love the picture, too. Hope you are still having fun with the snow. Love, Mom

Nancy said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I can handle about one of those per week, max. I should make a list on the next one, so I can see at the end that we didn't just sit around and whine, in between snow games.

Anonymous said...

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