Thursday, January 08, 2009

Biblical Free Association

Henry is “reading” to me from his children’s Bible. I asked him if I could type what he is saying so that I could put it on my blog, and he said yes. I’m trying to keep up.

The handers was the may
He wanted it so badly
It was already God
And then the angels went to God and he was already there
One big woman burped like a chicken
And then the woman came up and it was all a chapter number 6
I’ll find God
And then God was on a boat
And then he was a bigger jote
Then there was God
His friends was peeking in the castle of God
And then the wizard was a saint of God
And there was a trail up to the sky where heaven is
It has a lot of maps because God is up a long way
Just paper meetings to God.

As usual, it is clear to me that Craig and I are doing a really excellent job with religious education in our home.


Cary Milkweed said...

OK, this? This is charming.

Becky said...

That was cute. Isn't it funny how they combine all they have heard.

so yung wilson said...

"Just paper meetings to God." Charming.

And I think he might be onto something re "then the wizard was a saint of God" ... I do sometimes secretly believe that the saints must be wizards of some sort; how else did they become so pious and saintly? Has to be wizardry at work.

It is clear you doing an excellent job. He is aware of God. And the awareness seems to be positive.

so yung wilson said...

p.s. LOVE the picture. It's a keeper.

Anonymous said...

i want whatever version he's reading from.

Anonymous said...

This reads suspiciously like my college students' reflection papers. I keep telling them to cite their sources but apparently some of them need another reminder that blog entries are included in that.

-Jenny's friend Rachel

so yung wilson said...

The more I look at this picture of Henry, the more he's looks like an oddly young cast member from the Golden Girls. Something about the hair and the neck thing.