Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My Little Sister

My sister Mara has been living with us for a month. I keep meaning to write about her, but somehow, I find this hard. She is just so much a part of me that I have a hard time saying anything about her. I can’t really remember when she wasn’t here. I forget to ask people if she can come with me to various events because I forget that she isn’t, say, my left arm.

My husband cannot understand this in the slightest. Mara is ten years younger than I am. We have rarely lived around one another since she hit puberty. And yet, somehow, we know each other inside and out. We have many similar mannerisms and gestures.

I think I understand, just a little, what it must feel like for twins who have been separated to be around one another for the first time. You begin to understand genetics in a more profound way.

My boys say that we have five people in our family now, Mom, Dad, Luke, Henry, and Auntie.

Auntie is going to Vietnam at the end of the month. Though she will likely be back, it is clear that Columbus, Ohio will not be her permanent home.

I am having phantom pains already.


Nancy said...

This is a perfect description of how it looks to me, from the outside. You're also describing what I crave myself, as a person with a sister who just never understood me at all, in childhood or as adults. So I always find myself drawn to friendships with women who have a sister they are close to like this!

so yung wilson said...

I am jealous and happy for you at the same time. I cannot relate at all to this blog on any level; I don't think I have this kind of relationship with anyone. (Troy and I are close but not twin close ... that would freak me out a little I think).

Will Mara be in town still after Christmas? It'd be nice to see her!

Anonymous said...

After I read this blog I had to get in the shower and have a good cry. I guess I have been missing you both more than I realized. Love, Mom

The Knight Family said...

Hi Ser! I found your blog on Facebook and read back a few posts. I cannot believe how beautiful and spunky your family is! It sounds like the perfect balance of fun and craziness; I feel that I can relate. Beautiful words about Mara as well. Hope to catch up more soon. Naomi

My Three Sons said...

I ditto that comment from Naomi. Its fun to get back in touch with people and how everyone has a blog - so funny. hope all is well and will enjoy reading your blog.
is mine!

paige maddex said...

Ser - I have several sisters - and am close to them all in different ways - but my youngest sister, Bethany (thirteen years younger) and I are particularly close. We've barely lived together (she was five when I graduated high school) - my other sister say we even put on makeup the same weird way (whatever that means).

Although I would love for her to live near me - say on my living room sofa - I think her experiences enrich my tedious mom life in ways she can never fully appreciate. Likewise, she finds my life inspiring (or so she says).

As sad as it is to part (and I cry every time ) I hope that's how it it for you.

Beck said...

Oh, I've always, always wanted a sister. Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

Ser - After the years of having you in my home so often with Anna it was very difficult for me to remember to call Mara anything but Ser. She would give me this "not again" look, but she didn't understand that it really is hard to teach an old dog new tricks and the two of you had sooo many similarities. I loved what you had to say about Mara and read some of the other comments. I have one sister and she and I will never understand each other like that. It sometimes feels as if we came from different families with differnt lives. It's as if there is no DNA connection at times. I have learned to truly treasure my community sisters such as your mom and many ohters. Maye