Friday, May 01, 2009

The Birds and the Bees, Part Two

I’m pregnant.

Oh boy, this is a little cosmic joke if ever there was one. You see, Craig and I are planners. We are level-headed, generally calm, and we plan our major life decisions.

In fact, just a few weeks ago I was telling my mom, among others, that while I was still slightly ambivalent about having another child, we were done. Really, I like having two boys. It is so tidy and convenient. One for each hand. Room in our car. I have been planning to get a job in a year and a half, when Henry goes off to Kindergarten, and I’ve been starting preliminary planning on that front.

About three weeks ago, I had a dream that I was pregnant. I told Craig and we laughed.

Two weeks ago, when I borrowed the sex/baby book from my friend, her daughter asked, “Do you have a baby growing in you?” I answered in the negative, and I laughed.

A week ago, at school pickup, one of the moms was talking about her third, surprise pregnancy, a girl after two boys. I told her that I had experienced so much morning sickness with my boys, it was good that I hadn’t ever been pregnant with a girl, since the old wives’ tale says that morning sickness is worse with girls. “Who knows?” she said. “We thought we were done after our two boys.” I laughed.

Now I imagine God laughing. Not in a mean way, but laughing nonetheless.

I’m thrilled with this turn of events, when I’m not vomiting. And Craig is warming to the idea. We are both a little stunned.

And yes, I know how these things work. I read the book with the boys two weeks ago, remember?

We thought we might try to keep it quiet for a while. At first, I only told a few friends, ones that I would tell if anything were to go wrong. Then I told my mom. Craig told his parents. And then, this morning, I found a Facebook message from one of my mom’s friends congratulating me on my little surprise.

After I threw up and Luke was looking very worried—have I mentioned that he is a hypochondriac and thinks he is catching anything that anyone else has?—I decided to forget the whole keeping it quiet thing and tell the kids. They are mostly excited. Luke has a few reservations.

“You will be the extra big brother, Luke!” I said, trying to get him a little more excited. “And you can help us name the baby!”

Without any hesitation, as if he had been planning it his whole life, Luke said, “If it is a girl, Rosie, and if it is a boy, Scratch.”

Rosie or Scratch, I couldn’t be happier with this unexpected miracle.


Mara said...

Oh sister, hpw sad I am to be missing your morning sickness, your inability to party hard, and your extra worn out self.

you really are a barrel full of laughs.

I really am going to miss seeing Rosie or Scratch making you bigger and bigger.

See you in... August? You will be at your peak of beauty then, I am sure.

Auntie Mara


I really can't wait. Two nephews and three nieces is not enough for me.

K said...

Ser, I am so excited for you! Now I just need to let you know that I'm living vicariously through you.

It's been 17 years since I was pregnant. I've thoroughly enjoyed being a mom of one and I never thought I wanted to have another. My daughter is wonderful, fulfilling......and a teenager. Over the years, I never really warmed to the idea of starting all over again. Especially now that I know what the future holds (mwah ha ha ha).

That's how I always felt...right up until you told me you were pregnant. Your announcement caused something strange to happen within me...I felt a physical, mental, inward shift towards wanting a baby. Wow. And I'm kinda liking it!

But, with my husband living and working in another state for the next year or so, this makes for an inconvenient time to get pregnant and have a baby.

Which is why I am living vicariously through you.

Who knew your pregnancy would have such far reaching effects?! (Yep, a whole two blocks away!) Thanks, Ser. Thanks, Craig. I can't wait to meet Ms. Rosie. :)

alaskapeter said...

Congratulations Jackson family!! That's super exciting! It's funny that your brother first hears the news on your blog, but I guess we live in the age of "computers" and "internet" and "blogspots". I hope the baby is a Rosie--"Scratch" sounds like he would be a handful.

Your loving brother,


so yung wilson said...

Congratulations! God must know that you and Craig would enjoy his sense of humor.

Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and a happy healthy baby.

Rosie and Scratch ... so girls bring all of the beauty and boys provide the thorns? The Luke is CLEVER.

The Knight Family said...



I like your title too... I thought this would be more about Luke and Henry and your lovely book, but this is way better!


Molly Sabourin said...

Wow!! Congratulations, Ser!!

AmericanFamily said...

Congratulations! I hope you have a girl so I have someone to hand clothes down to, now that Eva is lapping Lili.

Also, Ihope you don't think htis is going to let you off the hook for Pub Nights. You have to come even though you can't have beer.

Yay Babies!

Anonymous said...

Boy or girl, I'm thrilled! The names are wonderfully cute and funny. Leave it to Luke. Does Henry have any thoughts on names? How did the boys both react to the news? I remember being morning sick with Eli---every morning heading the the bathroom to take a whiff and throw up....the first few times you kids were VERY concerned. After a while, you all just waited for me to be done. It was just part of the routine. This will probably be good for Luke's hypochondria. I wish we were closer so I could help out. Hope you get over the "all day" sickness quickly. (you have to be getting pretty good at it by now.) Love, Mom
PS Remember Peter's name for Mara when I was pregnant with her? (he was 5 at the time) Fwanklet! Good thing she wasn't a boy! :)

Christine said...


Congratulations! I already knew you were pregnant, thanks to living next door to your parents, but the post was super fun nonetheless. I made a New Year's Resolution to make it through 2009 without getting pregnant again, and it occurred to me the other day what a foolish thing that was to do. I imagine God is having a pretty good chuckle about that one...and I am just waiting for the repercussions. :) Plus, Megan asked me the other day if I would "grow another baby in my tummy for her." Yikes.

God bless you and your family, hope you get over being sick soon.

Nancy Gift said...

CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting! Emily will be excited too - you are not going to be able to keep that girl away from you. I think while you're pregnant I'm going to call the baby Scratch.

You are going to have to come visit us before the baby comes, though, because I'm betting you will not be making that road trip with 3!

Love from all of us!

CPB said...

Congrats! Last week, I was thinking about your blog and wondered out of the blue if you were pregnant. Weird.

(I'm Bethany Torode's sister, not some weird stalker. She had your blog linked once and I've been reading ever since, you're such a good writer! Plus, I'm a new mama to a 4-month-old boy, so I particularly like your stories. :) )

Ser said...

Thanks, everyone. You are all so sweet.

CPB, I loved hearing from you! It is always so fun to find out who is reading the blog.

I am feeling so, so sick, so expect another barf-filled post soon!

Dove Knits said...

Congratulations! I'm sorry you're sick, though!

Julia said...


I love reading your blog and I am happy to live vicariously through others' lovely babies. Keep writing!

May you feel better soon.

Jenny said...

Oh, Scratch! It has a lovely ring, but I think the deal is now sealed--it must be a girl.