Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just Another Mama Update

I’m actually going to write a good blog post one of these days. Until then, here’s my life in a nutshell:

The nausea is getting much better thanks to Zofran, bi bim bop, and dairy queen soft serve. Not coincidentally, I’m beginning to gain weight.

I don’t want to jinx anything, but it looks like we are buying a house that is four blocks from where we live now and that is on half an acre. I’m so excited!

We love the hospital midwife that we met with this week. She is super relaxed and it sounds like we can pretty much do what we want in the hospital. The only thing I NEED to do is let them do twenty minutes of continual fetal monitoring when I first arrive at the hospital, but after that, I can labor as I like, skip the IV or hep lock, birth in the water if I choose to do so. I’m pretty excited that we have found an affordable and seemingly good birthing situation.

I may or may not have said this to Luke today: “When YOU start vomiting every day and face pushing a baby out of YOUR vagina, then you can eat fruit loops for lunch like me!”


CoachingByPeter said...

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Lhamo Osel said...

Goodness, I am feeling pressured by that previous comment. I hope you are not. I'll just add that bi bim bop is NOT fattening and those fried eggs on top are good for you. Congrats on getting into the swing.

Nancy Gift said...

If I were eating fruit loops when I read your last paragraph, they would be all over the computer screen now. Luckily I wasn't.

Good luck with that house! And are you actually planning to be in labor for more than 20 minutes? I thought you went for rocket-release faster than that.

Ser said...

Oh my goodness, L-O, do you mean the comment asking for the name of the book? I had just forgotten--of course I know you intended that to be funny. The book, by the way, is called It's Not the Stork by Robie Harris.

I have to admit, Nancy, that I'm worried about actually making it to the hospital, but I figure a car birth wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. I'll buy some chux and stuff. :)

Anna said...

First of all, I love your blog.
Second, I'm moving to Columbus in two months and have been worried about finding a midwife. I had the most amazing experience at a birth center here in Boston with my first in February.
I'm not pregnant with #2 yet (thank God) but i want to be prepared. Any chance you could share your midwife's name or how you found her?
My email is chefguard at if you don't want to share the info publicly.
Thanks in advance!

so yung wilson said...

Ser, I hope you did say that to Luke, and I hope we can ask him if he remembers it when he's preparing for his first child!

Sorry if I'm in disbelief ... 4 blocks away and on HALF an acre, IN TOWN? Are you two really elvish folks of some kind w/strange magical powers? (Except of course, magical powers have no influence over morning sickness unless you're pretending so that 1) you fool us mortals into believing your NOT elvish and 2) you like to eat fruit loops ... a lot.)

Glad to hear you're feeling better, that you found a house (I'll cross my finger for you ... that means Worthington schools still for the boys? That's GREAT news). Hope all continues on the upward swing, and hope to see you sometime around the end of June. I think we're planning a trip to OH then of course, cannot visit the Heart of It All without stopping in Columbus.

Give the boys a big, tight hug from me.

Ser said...

The house is on 161, So Yung, and a lot of those lots are huge. It is pretty amazing, though. The house isn't anything special, and is kind of small, but we can finish the basement eventually and even add on to the back some day if we want. And now I'm getting off the darn computer. Over and out.

Tracy McPherson said...

I love, love, love that you're going to be my neighbour!!!! I would have really missed you if you headed out to Delaware. My fingers are crossed and I've thrown salt over my shoulder (I know this is not applicable but I'm not taking any chances).

I will never look at fruit loops the same way ever again.

Lhamo Osel said...

Ser: No, no, I mean the comment (physically above mine on the page) about how real estate is critical to my investing future. That makes me worried (especially as we contemplate selling our house). And I meant without any humor at all that I am thrilled you have found a house and will be stimulating the economy.

Thanks oh so much for the book title, as well -- I have wish-listed it on Amazon.

Beck said...

Froot Loops for lunch are the earned right of queasy pregnant ladies everywhere.

so yung wilson said...

Nice houses along 161 ... can't wait to see it. We'll be there end of June. You'll be moved, unpacked, and set-up for us then, right?

Jenny said...

Wait, wait, where is the photo of the house? I gotta see this. I am so excited for you! Keep eating the Fruit Loops and the bi bim bop...I'm just so happy you're able to eat something.

Love you!


Jenny said...

Wait, wait, where is the photo of the house? I gotta see this. I am so excited for you! Keep eating the Fruit Loops and the bi bim bop...I'm just so happy you're able to eat something.

Love you!


Anonymous said...

Ser, where are you? We miss you.

Dove Knits said...

This is an old post, but I have to say that I had a great hospital midwife birth. I had to be induced (went into spontaneous labor with the Cervadil, though), so there were more interventions than I would have liked, but still very few have-tos, and my voice was very much heard.