Thursday, May 21, 2009


It has been over two weeks since I have posted. I’ve been busy eating, sleeping, and wallowing around. The Zofran has helped a lot, in that I am not vomiting much and I am not so ill that I feel depressed. Instead, I just have a lot of nausea and I have to eat all the time.

Really, this is good training for when I have to care for a newborn again. I’ve gotten used to a kind of freedom that I didn’t have for a long time when Luke and Henry were wee little ones. I have been able to go out at night with my friends. I have had plenty of time to exercise. I have made complex, gourmet meals. I’ve enjoyed leisurely evenings of television with Craig. And you know, that first year with an infant? From what I can remember, I will be catching sleep whenever I can, eating a lot of convenience foods, and putting up with a cluttered house. Pretty much like right now.

We are actually moving towards buying a house. We applied for pre-approval for a mortgage. We are going to start looking at houses. It is exciting, but also kind of scary.

Oh, and we are trying to figure out what to do about the birth. Luke was born in a hospital with midwives, Henry at home with a midwife. Henry’s birth was vastly better than Luke’s, partially because it was just a lot easier, but also because it was at home. But now our insurance won’t cover homebirth at all, so we are trying to figure out what to do. We’ve had a lot of free consultations with a lot of people. I’m trying to relax about it and realize that, whatever we decide, it will likely be just fine. I mean, we are going to get a baby out of it, after all.


Mara said...

You need to send me all of †he links to the houses you are looking at. Just like you did when I was living there.

I miss and love you.


Karyn said...

If you need an agent, I know several that are VERY GOOD and will take great care of you. Let me know and I'll pass you their info. Glad to see that you're well enough to post. -Karyn

Tracy McPherson said...

The birth has a lot to do with attitude and you are such a lovely and calming personality that it will be fine no matter what you choose to do!

As for the house - yes, it's scary!!! But it's good as well, especially when you find the "right" house for you. And it will happen, but this too takes time. I'm here if you just need someone to bounce ideas off or to listen. I'm awful good at listening..

Nancy Gift said...

My only wish is that I could witness the process from close-up, because I know whether it is moving or re-adapting to newborn housekeeping or birth, you will do it with grace and good humor.

(and darn it, I really, really wish I could be there for the birth, but that will have to wait for my next lifetime, as a midwife)

so yung wilson said...

Wow - it's a big year for the Jacksons ... career's started, moving, new baby! It's exciting ... remember, it's exciting!

Beck said...

I have NO idea what to say. Being Canadian, the idea of having no insurance for certain things baffles me. Because I had a c-section with my first, I can only legally have a baby at a hospital with operating facilities and I don't think I can legally have a baby at home.
That didn't help, did it!

Katya said...

To Ser: I've been reading your blog for awhile and have loved all of it. (I found it from Jenny, Julia and Amber's links.)

You've also got me a little scared as I have two boys, am starting to enjoy some comforts like, very exciting, joining a book club, and lately have given away my maternity clothes and a few strollers.

I wrote because when I first read this post, I actually thought something was really wrong, that you were sick and going trough chemo and I got really, really upset, and then I scrolled down . . .

I haven't met you but I know some of your friends, and reading your posts, I have gotten to know you and you have given me a great sense of how to laugh about things that go wrong. So, thank you and God grant you and the child to be born of you many, many years.

Katya (my ekaterina)