Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear Silas,

You turned one the day after Christmas. I cannot believe that you have been around for a whole year. Life with you has gotten considerably more chaotic, but it feels like you were meant to join our family. The "Luke vs. Henry" dynamic is still present, but they both love you like crazy. And I'm sure you will take your place in their drama soon.

You bellow when you want something. It isn't charming. It is disturbing. But kind of funny. We try not to laugh because it is a bad, bad habit.

You get scared of things like your older brothers never did. You cry at scary movies. You wimper when Curious George loses the bunny in one of your favorite books. You scream in terror at Henry's flying monkey.

You run now. You climb on things. You love to play outside, even when it is super cold.

Your first birthday was wonderful. You stuffed cake in your mouth and got a lot of new books. We went out on a drive to see the Christmas lights and turned your carseat around to forward facing to celebrate what an old guy you are becoming.

Today at the gym my feet were sliding around and someone told me that I needed to replace my shoes. "But I just bought these!" I thought to myself. And then I remembered that I bought them right after you were born. I hope life with you slows down a little, because it is flying by, little baby who is becoming a little boy. Flying by way too fast.


Anonymous said...

Yea! You are blogging again! :)

so yung wilson said...

I love this blog. It's so sweet and it's nice to get to know a little about Silas.

D**n but I wish I were around.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is always a highlight of the day! Could Silas be any cuter??

Cary Milkweed said...

Such a sweet letter, Ser!

so yung wilson said...
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so yung wilson said...

He COULD be cuter, but then none of us would be able to look directly at him. We would be overcome with the cuteness and become dreadfully depressed as the rest of world would then appear dismal and grey by comparison.

He is at the maximum cuteness that we mortal humans can handle.