Sunday, January 09, 2011

A New Year

Oh my. I'm not doing very well with the blogging these days, am I? That is one of my New Year's resolutions, actually: to blog more regularly. A lot more regularly. Like, Monday through Friday. This sounds crazy, since I've been posting about once a month for the last couple of years, but I have decided to cut myself a lot of slack. A short post is fine, a status update, if you will. Perhaps just a picture. So for starters, I'm going to post my New Year's resolutions.

First of all, I would like to blog five days per week. I'm saying it again to make it more official.

Secondly, I would like to read more books about emotional eating. I would like to work more on understanding why I overeat. I'm not going to try to lose weight (although I wouldn't mind if a little of that happened) but I'm tired of overeating and feeling bad about it later.

Third, I want to complete the Warrior Dash. I'm registered with some women from the neighborhood. I basically want to work on my strength training and sprinting until then. I usually favor long, steady-state cardio workouts, so this will be good for me. And the race sounds really fun and perhaps a bit insane. And the beer is an added bonus.

Additionally, I want to work on photo books for my boys. I have tons of digital photos, and for Henry's last birthday I made a photo book of the first five years of his life. I would like to make these for the boys regularly--ideally for every birthday--but first I have to catch up for Luke and Silas.

Finally, I want to do something each month to prepare for next Christmas. This year felt really overwhelming, both financially and time-wise, so I would like to either make or buy at least one thing each month until next Christmas. For my January contribution, I bought a few Christmas clearance items at Target.

So there you have it. Expect to hear a whole lot more from me in the near future.


so yung wilson said...

I had to take a nap after reading your blog.

I'm all for resolution #!. Good resolution.

Mara said...

My resolution this year was to not bother with resolutions. I seriously have no personal goals, except to finish school alive. I might end up weighing 200 lbs, completely abandon my spiritual life, be a terrible girlfriend and not cook a damn thing. But I WILL finish school, dammit!

Christine said...

I feel like Mara. My new years resolution is to survive childbirth. It occurred to me how galactically unfortunate it would be if I bombed that one...

Ser said...

Well, So Yung, you are searching for a job. Mara, you are completing a really hard and stressful academic program. And Christine? Where do I even begin with you, you little busy bee? You quilt. You cater weddings. You raise two little girls. You don't NEED resolutions, woman.

Oh, and I have one more resolution: figure out my darn formatting issues. I'm getting totally ticked at the spacing between my paragraphs.

Ser said...
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so yung wilson said...

I'm only half-heartedly searching for a job. Troy is full-heartedly losing patience with me. I like not working though. Might try for a part-time position instead.