Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Luke's Essay: Our Christmas Traditions

These are some of my favorite holiday traditions I do every year. My favorite is the Christmas party at Jacks. First me and my Dad drive up to Jack's to get things set up. Next the rest of the guests arrive. Then the kids play Wii and games. Then we have dinner and watch a movie. Then we have dessert and play downstairs. Afterwards we go caroling, play outside, look for Santa on the radar, and go home. It's so fun!

Every year we go the a tree farm. We go on a trolley up the hill to cut down our Christmas tree. After that we go back down and have something to eat at the indoor cafe. Then we go talk to Santa. It's really fun.

Every year we set up a nativity set. It comes with every guy in the story and a really big shed. Me and my brother take turns setting up guys. Baby Jesus appears on Christmas day because that is His birthday. I have fun. These are very fun Christmas traditions.


so yung wilson said...

Awwww, lovely.

Now who is this Jack?

Anonymous said...

I love this. Keep up the traditions! Love, Mom