Friday, January 21, 2011

Here and Now: Henry

Henry drank a bottle of flouride rinse this week. True, it was only a sample-sized bottle from the dentist, but it was enough to scare me. I called poison control. They told me that he might vomit and would surely have diarrhea, but he had no symptoms. The next morning he "only tasted" his hand sanitizer. It seems that my people pleaser, my rule follower, is expanding his horizons. As one friend suggested, it might be time to put the liquor cabinet under lock and key.

Henry is still my space cadet. He forgets words. He says things like, "Remember those little candies that were like jawbreakers but they were soft? They had a taste? I got them at that store? Remember?" He searches for words. Sometimes he goes into a room alone in order to try to remember something.

He has been having "inappropriate dreams" lately. I have utterly no idea what he means by this, but for several mornings in a row he woke up and told me, "I had ANOTHER inappropriate dream!" I ask him what they are, but he declines to expand.

Henry spends about a quarter of his day standing on his head. He is really, really good at it. His shoulder muscles are getting defined, although he is still a string bean.

He is growing his hair out, although he cut a chunk out of the center of his hair about two weeks ago. With his wavy hair, he has a huge rat's nest at the back of his head most of the time.

Henry still has a gentle soul, although he is getting rougher around the edges. He plays nicely with almost everyone. He has a whole flock of younger kids that adore him. A couple of days ago at the library, a one year old baby was obsessed with following him around because he had been so sweet and funny with her for a few minutes.

Sweet, funny, messy, wiry, athletic, spacey--this is my Henry at five and a half.


so yung wilson said...

I am seriously in love with Henry. What a charmer.

Another wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Henry! I can sympathize with his spaciness. I guess at my age I have some excuses for having to go into a room alone to try to remember something but I totally sympathize.

I remember the time you(at about that age)were trying to tell me about something. You couldn't find the word for fresh peas out of the garden.
"Mom, can we get some more of those little things to eat? know, those little things with the little ball things inside them? open them up and the little things are inside?....they're green? know!! We got them out of the garden." (I finally figured it out but it seemed like a game of charades.)

I love this blog post. It's oh, so Henry. Mom

Anonymous said...

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